Monday, December 20, 2010

Beat the Heat

Gonna have to move out of Florida before summer hits.I just cant take the heat and humidity now that I gotta wear a carbon fiber fuckin lower leg.Its just to uncomfortable.Do to these recent realizations,Ive been thinkin alot about snow and northern enviroments.Being that Im a Motorcycle Freak.First major concern is how am I gonna stay sane during all those months not being able to fuck around on a bike.I mean I know Ill be workin on bike projects in my shop but livin in Florida my whole life,bein able to ride anytime I want.....well of course The SNOWMOBILE. Engines are like bike engines,sit down and steer like a motorcycle loud like a dirbike and ya can take the trails to the bar and back.So Im gonna be day dreamin snowmobiles for a while..........

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