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Robbie Knievels Jumpin

Knievel to attempt father's jump

The son of stuntman Evel Knievel plans to complete a double-decker bus jump that nearly ended his father's career.

Robbie Knievel, 47, will try to jump over 16 buses at Wembley, west London, in May - riding a classic Harley Davidson XR-750 machine.

Evel Knievel broke his pelvis during his 1975 bid to jump over 13 buses.

"Although my dad's jump ended with broken bones and a lot of pain, I'm confident he'll be smiling down on this one," Mr Knievel said.

"Daredevils are a dying breed. I'm proud to have been raised by one and to be one myself."

His father attempted the stunt in front of an audience of 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium, on 25 May 1975.

But his rear wheel clipped the last bus in the row and he somersaulted onto the ramp with the bike crashing down on top of him.

A concussed Knievel announced his retirement over the stadium's PA system.

Nevertheless he returned five months later, successfully clearing 14 buses in Ohio and setting a new world record.

The senior daredevil, who made 300 jumps before retiring in 1980, died aged 69 in November 2007.

His son gained fame in 1989 when he successfully jumped 150ft (45m) over the fountains at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

He has completed more than 350 professional jumps, including 20 world records.

Mr Knievel said he was "looking forward" to making the attempt to clear the jump that thwarted his father.

"I can never fill the shoes of my father because he was the greatest stunt guy in the world - the greatest daredevil," he said.

"Whether I make or miss it, at least I gave it a shot."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back in the day

I used to live ontop this hill in my sisters apartment not fifty yards from the climbs spot.

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I am now a contributor to this site.Its a great project in the works to spread motorcycle resources worldwide.Bars,rides,events etc.So please follow this blog it needs all the support it can get.Not to mention if you arent in florida you could link to follow any state you may want.

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These guys are the originators and are doing some kick ass things so check out there sites(as if you havent)

Thanx for the stickers

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Happy New Year!!!

This is what I did for new years.

We are coming for you!!!!

and we are packin HEAT.

Murder Cycle Ride

I was out runnin yellow lights the other night when one turned red.I was to close to hit my one and only front brake so I hit the throttle thinkin it would keep me a bit more alive.My theory was correct,however after making it through the intersection I went down right side and mangled my foot and ankle to no repair.
So till I heal and get my bike rebuilt I will be riding around as passenger blastin people with my leg cannon.